DaVinci offers a safe, efficient and cost effective solution for detailed real time system component evaluation saving your company time and money.
Safely on the ground, DaVinci utilizes advanced optical and infrared aerial camera technology to provide our clients unprecedented instant access to system operational data
DaVinci’s pilots and support teams are experts in UAS operations and asset integrity. Our credentials, professionalism and safety culture are second to none.
DaVinci holds high levels of security credentials and training. Dams, bridges, pipelines, chemical plant and refinery components, flare stacks and other infrastructure assets

Our Leadership Team:

DaVinci: UAV Operation Experts

DaVinci is FAA night flight operations approved

DaVinci holds a night flight operations waiver from the FAA which allows us to conduct line of sight operations at night. Utilizing an advanced high definition radiometric thermal infrared camera built by FLIR, we can now offer:

  • Aerial Thermal Infrared Imaging

  • Night Thermal Inspections

  • FLIR based Aerial Night Vision (enhanced black and white and RGB)

  • High Powered Remote Aerial spotlight/searchlight

  • Custom Use Cases for night operations

Top 5 reasons to Choose Davinci

DaVinci’s team comes from safety rich backgrounds. Safety is embedded in our DNA and is always our number one priority.
DaVinci’s pilots and support teams have decades of combined real world UAV, inspection and robotics experience.
DaVinci’s certifications, background, training and level of professionalism are second to none.
DaVinci utilizes advanced hardware and highly qualified and trained pilots along with outstanding support personnel.
DaVinci is a grass roots company which has avoided taking on venture capital. Because of this, we can keep the price for our services realistic.
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